Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation

The Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation (GCTRF) was founded in 2004 as Granulosa Cell Tumour Foundation New Zealand due to its being based at that time in Auckland, New Zealand.

Originally, the purpose of the foundation was to serve as a centralised information resource for women with GCT. In 2006, our purpose took on the additional objective of directly funding GCT-specific research.

In 2009 we modified the foundation’s name to reflect our growing focus on pursuing research, and the fact that GCTRF has become the largest international organisation dedicated to advocacy for GCT women (GCT Sisters).

Since 2006 we have invested over $300,000 in research projects by scientists from six countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, and USA).

GCTRF is registered with the U.S. IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation.