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Your donation to research into GCT is the best thing we could ask for (except, of course, for finding a cure)!  Since 2006 GCTRF has awarded over $330,000 USD to researchers through a competitive process of proposal evaluation.  Just tell us how much you want to donate and where to send the tax receipt.  100% of your donation goes directly to research!

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GCT ResearchLocal fundraising

Raising funds for GCT research can be as easy as baking cookies.  Make a batch for your workplace and a small card explaining that monies raised go to cancer research.  Or…put together a local walk for GCT research; or a yard sale and donate a share of the proceeds.  Local small-scale opportunities are endless but all those small-scale contributions add up in the end.

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Survivors Teaching Students

Survivors Teaching Students® is a program sponsored by the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.  It brings ovarian cancer survivors (like you) and caregivers into medical education programs to educate future healthcare providers about ovarian cancer by sharing stories of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, along with facts about the disease. Medical/healthcare students interact with and learn from ovarian cancer survivors in a classroom setting.  Read more>>