Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation

Sladjana Milenkovic Crosley (1950 – 2009)

Sladjana (Sofi) Milenkovic Crosley

Sladjana was born in Pirot, Yugoslavia in 1950, the daughter of Milena and Vitomir Milenkovic. Sladjana  was a healthy, athletic woman when, at the age of 46, she was found to have early-stage granulosa cell tumour of the ovary (GCT).

Following surgery Sladjana was told that the “cyst” was benign and not to worry because even though GCT is technically a cancer, it “almost never recurs”.

Three years later, the GCT returned and the decade that followed became one continual cycle of treatments, evaluations and researching treatment options that might allow her to manage her disease. Sladjana passed away on Anzac Day, 25 April 2009.

Sladjana is survived by her husband, Powel, and two daughters.